Kalon Wheels® is a line of Passenger Wheels, established in 2020 to provide your vehicle with the custom look everyone wants for their ride. Kalon Wheels® specializes in designing refined custom wheels, engineered for the highest performance and quality for both domestic and import vehicles. With our advanced low-pressure casting technology, all wheels are made to last while giving the unique and custom look every car deserves.  Kalon Wheels® was created to fit a vast array of vehicle platforms to give everyone and every car an option to be extraordinary.

Kalon Wheels® current lineup consists of six unique designs. The Kalon Opulence Series offers three exposed lug styles and the Kalon Profusion Series offers three covered lug styles. With the combination of the Opulence and Profusion Series, Kalon Wheels® is able to accommodate different vehicle platforms while giving your vehicle a different look.

The Opulence Series from Kalon Wheels® offer the special blend of elegance and luxury to differentiate your vehicle.

  • Size Ranges from 18” to 22” staggered or non staggered.
  • 22” light truck and SUV wheels available as well.

The Profusion Series from Kalon Wheels® offers stylish designs to upgrade from your stock wheels.

  • Size Rangers from 16” to 20” non staggered.