Established in 2020, Kalon® is a premier line of passenger wheels designed to deliver a custom look that vehicle enthusiasts aspire to. At Kalon®, we specialize in crafting refined, custom wheels engineered for optimal performance and exceptional quality. Our products cater to a wide range of both domestic and import vehicles. 

Utilizing advanced low-pressure casting technology, Kalon® wheels are built to last, providing a unique and distinguished appearance that every vehicle deserves. Our mission is to offer versatile solutions that enable every vehicle — and its owner — to stand out with an extraordinary style. 

Current Lineup 

Kalon® boasts a lineup of six unique designs, divided into two distinct series: 

Opulence Series: This series includes three styles with exposed lugs, embodying a blend of elegance and luxury that sets your vehicle apart. 

  • Sizes Available: Ranges from 18” to 22”, available in both staggered and non-staggered configurations. 
  • Specialty Sizes: Includes 22” options designed specifically for light trucks and SUVs. 

Profusion Series: Featuring three styles with covered lugs, this series is perfect for those looking to upgrade from stock wheels with stylish designs. 

  • Sizes Available: Ranges from 16” to 20”, available in non-staggered configurations.